Fowl words is an egg-citing, challenging and extremely addictive word game. Eggs with letters fall from the top. You have to guide them into position to make words. The fun is in making many words touch, cross, or overlap each other, filling up the screen, in order to get mind-blowing Combo Scores and Time Bonuses. Submitting words also frees up space, so you can play for longer and longer.
Longer words with rare letters like X, Q and Z get more points, like Scrabble. Have fun smashing unwanted eggs by double-tapping them, to free up space.
This game has great replay value. You'll never get tired of it. And if you do, listen to the angry chicken on the 'Pause' screen. He'll give you something to think about!
Fowl Words is a timed game, but you can stretch the time by making bigger and bigger word combos. The better you play, the longer the game is.
Global Online scores, for competitive fun!
Entertaining 'Pause' screens have the angry chicken give you something to think about.
Challenge a Friend' feature to send your high scores to a friend to entice them to try and beat your score.
Great replay value!