Eye For Detail: Indian Truck Art Special
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About the  Game
Gorgeous art and classic Spot-the-Difference gameplay!
Relax, unwind and test your eye for detail with a series of games featuring different art forms, rich in detail and a feast for the eyes. Discover beautiful art forms new to you, with a stress-free, simple game that you can enjoy for hours.
Eye For Detail: Indian Truck Art Special
Eye For Detail: Indian Truck Art Special
About Calendar Art
Indian roads and highways are made more beautiful and vastly more colorful by the trucks that run on them. Every truck is bedecked with hand-painted art and symbols which are common across all trucks and yet each time they are painted, they have a unique character. Familiar motifs that reappear frequently are the eagle on a globe, Horn OK Please, the holy cow, the peacock, placid landscapes, gods and goddesses, and superstitious symbols. Often the truck-owners’ own philosophical mottos or poetic discourses find place at the sides and back of their trucks. The origin of some of the motifs is obscure, and the truck owners use the motifs as an unquestioned continuation of tradition. The colors are bright and primary, making massive trucks seem like bright toys on dust-colored highways. The unique Truck Art style is a testament to the truck owners’ love for their brightly decorated homes.

This game is an attempt to bring attention to popular regional art forms, some of which are threatened by the digital revolution.
Enjoy beautiful Indian Truck Art, rich in color and detail.
Spot over 750 differences in more than 50 scenarios with awesome replay value!
Unlock the art by finishing each stage, build your Collection and use them as wallpapers.
Find five differences in every stage, and get high scores based on accuracy and time.
You have 5 hints to help you along the way.
Each mistake will cost you time against the clock!
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How to Play
Find 5 differences in each image in given time.
Tap on either side to mark the differences.
Correct tap will add 10 to your score while wrong will
subtract 5 from your score
If you finish the stage within the stipulated time then
time bonus equals to seconds left x 1 will be added to
your score
in case time is runing out then you have 5 hints options
How to Play
Eye For Detail: Indian Truck Art Special
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