Prove your love to your Valentine! Announce your love to the world!
Play the game, pop balloons, get a high score, and dedicate it to your love on a global leaderboard and a webpage featuring the top 20 high scores in the world! 'Don't Break My Heart' is a sweet, simple, but REALLY ADDICTIVE game. You have to pop as many balloons as possible to get a high score. But be careful: Don't break the hearts!
Watch the red Love Line on your screen. For every balloon you pop, it goes up, for every heart you break, it goes down. Don't let it reach the bottom, or the game is over!
Satisfy your itch to pop balloons with unlimited juicy colourful balloons!
Pop the Bonus Balloons for extra kicks!
• The "x2" balloon gives doubles your score for a limited time.
• The "Extra Life" balloon gives your Love Line an upward boost.
• The "Cupid's arrow" balloon automatically pops all the balloons on the screen, boosting both your Love Line and your score.
Enjoy increasing difficulty levels, making your heat beat faster!
Make a fantastic high score and dedicate it to your love! It will be displayed on a Global Leaderboard viewable on the iPhone, and also on a web-page for your love to see it (in case he/she doesn't have an iPhone yet).
URL for the webpage: http://www.skydesign.in/dontbreakmyheart
Enjoy and relax with gentle music.
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In case of any problems, suggestions, queries please feel free to contact us by filling this form.
Queries & Feedback : iphonegames@skydesign.in
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